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The SESEC Platform helps clothing companies to assess and introduce energy efficiency measures. Click below in a preferred language to access all available SESEC modules and the self-assessment tools latest version:


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Based on proposal coming directly from the industry the SESEC project has been designed to meet the following objectives: 

  • To develop, test and offer an energy efficiency tool for clothing production, made up of guidelines and web-based applications, suitable for SMEs and large companies;
  • To maximise the project impact, by transferring its results to the sector through EURATEX members and interested companies;
  • To offer training and support to companies to implement energy-saving measures considering cost-effectiveness;
  • In the mid-term, to improve opportunities for energy-efficiency for the whole European clothing industry. 





EURATEX (Coordinator) (Europe),  CITEVE (PT),   Gherzi (Europe),     ENEA (IT),    INCDTP (RO),    DITF (DE),    BMS (BE),    PIRIN-TEX (BG),    BAATPE (BG)





To promote energy efficiency in the clothing industry, the consortium welcomes collaboration with any interested party, such as clothing companies, national sectorial organisations, other support organisations, etc. In 2014 thanks to the Energy Made-to-Measure campaign SESEC collaborated with the other projects, such as ARTISAN, to reach out more SMEs across Europe. As of 2015 the campaign and particularly the SET project events will offer to new companies SESEC results, such as high quality information and training on promising energy-efficiency measures. 


Collaboration with the SESEC partners’ networks resulted in 27 European companies benefiting of energy audits delivered free of charge by highly qualified experts at their manufacturing premises (winter 2012).


Overall some 50 companies have tested the SESEC tools with direct assistance and have supported collection of data (2013-2014). The SESEC set of benchmarks for energy efficiency has been improved based on lessons learned during these energy audits on the field-tests.


In 2014 national sectorial associations from two EU Members States, Lithuania and Croatia, have joined the project team as associated partners to support their member companies in assessing energy efficiency with the SESEC results. The associations namely LATIA (Lithuanian Apparel and Textile Industry Association) and HUP (Croatian Employer Association) are both member of EURATEX and played a fundamental role to bring high added value tools to their members while extending the SESEC project impact to two additional European countries.


A collaboration with the German national association GTMI has been instrumental to introduce SESEC tools to German companies.




The SESEC project implements actions in several European counties according to its several major phases:


April 2012 – January 2013

Analysis the state-of-the-art on energy efficiency for clothing production; evaluation of the previous similar initiatives; running 27 Energy Audits free of charge at company premises focused on 7 groups of garments; setting up energy benchmarks.


November 2012 – January 2014

Identification of energy saving areas and a methodology, development of a web-based energy-efficiency self-assessment tool (development, test and completion) for companies.


August 2013 – September 2014

Development of a training kit and delivering training to companies.


April 2012 – September 2014

Promotion of energy efficiency and SESEC tools to new stakeholders (companies, associations); delivering training to companies’ delegates in partners’ and additional European countries.


September 2014 – December 2014

Evaluation of the project results and its actual impact on the companies' business models. Analysis of feedbacks received during the meetings, training and communication events.


January 2015 – December 2015

Further promotion of SESEC tools to new companies with the support of Energy Made-to-Measure campaign, the SET project and other potential synergies with interested parties. 





With the IEE programme (Intelligent Energy Europe) the European Commission promotes the energy-efficiency and the rational use of resources. Based on industry-expressed ideas, EURATEX presented in May 2011 a project proposal for an IEE innovation-project specifically tailored for the European Clothing industry. Selected in November 2011, the project, SESEC, kicked off on 28th March 2012 in Brussels.





SESEC is supported by the IEE programme (Intelligent Energy Europe) of the European Commission and managed by Executive Agency for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (EASME) on behalf of the European Commission.





Collaboration with SESEC: Mauro Scalia mauro.scalia(at)