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Euratex Annual Report - 2018

A pencil is what we handed out to all our guests gathering at the last EURATEX General Assembly: it was made of textile waste by a German start-up company.
This object was a small reminder of how many things one can make out of textile materials. More interestingly, it also served as a reminder of the unprecedented wave of young innovative textile and fashion companies that are currently emerging across Europe.

With pride, in the last few years we have witnessed a strong return of business confidence across the entire European textile and clothing industry. Over the last 5 years, the industry’s turnover has grown to € 178 billion and extra-EU exports have gone up to a record of € 50 billion, while employment and total number of companies have been maintained.

This impressive industrial renaissance would not have been possible without bold investments in modern manufacturing plants and technologies, creating safer and higher added value European jobs.

Since 2008 the industry has invested almost € 50 billion in its factories and facilities in the EU, and we will all have to work hard to maintain this strong investment rhythm in the upcoming years.

A few examples are gathered in one of our recent publications: Investing in the Textile and Clothing Factories of the Future in Europe to inspire businesses and institutions. This brochure adds to the EURATEX contributions for the future industrial policy of the EU.

In 2019 EURATEX and its stakeholders will welcome the new European Parliament and Commission - we are ready to work with the institutions to shape new policy ambitions into concrete actions to benefit the EU Textile and Clothing sector.

We will work for free trade and improved access to finance, to reward the sector investments in circular business models. We will demand fair conditions for our businesses competing in the EU internal market, coherence in EU industry policies, and more EU research and innovation support delivered effectively  to businesses.

President of EURATEX

Euratex Annual Report 2018