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EU short-term business statistics

EU T&C evolution in 2018

Moderate increase in turnover and record exports of €50 bn

Production trending down at year end, hope for a rebound at least in the textile industry


Data up to December 2018 were mixed. Industrial production in the textile & clothing sector continued to decline while Extra-EU exports continued to recover across the year. This trend mirrors the evolution in the manufacturing sector, which reflects the EU economic slowdown over the period. The growth rate in the labour market and turnover remained positive in the textile industry, despite a slowdown in the last quarter of 2018, but deteriorated further in the clothing industry. However, the clothing sector showed some positive signs coming from the turnover, retail sales and exports’ evolutions during the 4th quarter of 2018. Also on the positive side, confidence of managers improved in the textile industry.


2019 short-term outlook: In March 2019, the EU industry confidence indicator for the months ahead improved in textile (by +1.6 points), driven by higher confidence of the current level of orders book and production expectations. Confidence in stock of finished products deteriorated slightly. By contrast, the EU industry confidence deteriorated in clothing (by -1.6 points), driven by lower confidence in production expectations and in stock of finished products. Nevertheless, the assessment of the current level of orders book improved.

* EU Commission’s survey: European business cycle indicators and Business Industry Survey (subsector database)



EU-28 Short-term business statistics


Year 2018/2017



Production -1.1 -2.0
Employment +0.7 -3.2
Turnover +0.9 -0.4
Retail sales -0.4
Extra-EU imports +1.5 +2.3
Extra-EU exports +2.8 +6.4
Trade deficit -2.5 +0.5
Source: Euratex on Eurostat data 



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