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4th PPE Conference - Brussels

Over 100 participants from 22 European countries covering the entire PPE value chain from fibre to end use came together in Brussels to explore the main trends that will shape the future of the PPE market in the coming years.


The three main themes covered in the event were sustainability, digitalization and smart wearables.


The impact of regulation The PPE directive has been regulating the market for PPE products in the EU since 1989. It has been updated recently and transformed into a regulation which will be directly applicable in all EU members states as of April 2018.


The importance of collaboration Industry federations such as Euratex, ETSA and ESF play a crucial role in making collaboration along the PPE value chain happen at EU level and have worked hand-in-hand in recent years liaising between EU regulators and companies.


The successful organisation of the 4th PPE Conference was an excellent example of this collaboration which will be maintained and intensified in the future. 

Find more information on Euratex's LinkedIN page