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1st Call for Partnership projects opens NOW on 18th of September 2017 for the first partnership formation


Under the COSME programme, The European Commission has launched the second phase of WORTH partnership project.


Worth Partnership Project is funded by COSME programme of the European Union to support collaborations between SMEs and start-ups of designers, art & craft and creative people with peers tech companies and manufactures to create innovative and disruptive products and ideas to put them into the market.  In these  4-years  journey, we will support 150 cross-boundary partnership  projects involving more than 450 companies (SMEs and start-ups).


Who can apply?

Creative people, designers, crafters, startup, technology companies and SMEs manufacturers from fashion and consumer goods industries (fashion/textile, footwear, furniture/home decoration, leather, jewellery, accessories), who are actively looking for new opportunities to exploit ideas and fashionable concepts with a high degree of innovation, disruption, integration of new technologies and design, could apply to be part of WORTH Partnership Project


Applicants, SMEs and start-ups, will need to show a strong motivation to connect, create and innovate on a transnational basis.


The Worth Partnership Project application for partnership will be on going throughout 4 years, with different windows of opportunity. The first call opens the 18th of September 2017 for the first partnership formation. Application intakes will be opened in the following years 2018, 2019 and 2020, the aim is to support 150 innovative/disruptive partnership projects involving 450 companies (SMEs and startups)


The goal for the 4-year period is to involve 150 partnerships. The 1st Call of expression of interest for designers, tech companies and manufactures to apply for partnership projects OPENS NOW on 18/9 with a deadline for project submission in December. - Worth Flyer


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