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Euratex released bulletin n°4/2017

The Bulletin gives an insight into the 2016 evolution of the Textile & Clothing sector and short terms prospects, as well as the General European Economic Forecast Autumn 2017. It includes EU consolidated changes, trade estimates and basic structural data (production index, production prices, turnover, investments, household consumption, retail trade and consumer prices)




Looking to international trade, the evolution was undoubtedly disappointing in 2016. According to the WTO World Trade Statistical Review 2017 the ratio of international trade growth to GDP growth fell to 0.6, representing the worst year since 2001, and growth was just 1.3% in volume terms – the weakest growth rate since 2008.


Despite a brightening of the EU economy, T&C activity in the EU lost dynamism in particular towards the end of the year. Textile and clothing moved in opposite directions: textile activity improved to some extent, while activity in the clothing industry showed no signs of recovery. 2016 saw the slowest growth in EU exports since the financial crisis, while the retail turnover development was less dynamic than in previous year, recording a modest growth....

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