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Klaus Huneke Nominated as the Next EURATEX President

On 9 June 2016, EURATEX General Assembly nominated a new President – Klaus Huneke will take the political lead of the confederation in January 2017 for a two years’ term.


Mr. Huneke who will succeed Serge Piolat, the current EURATEX President, stated: 'I really appreciate the confidence EURATEX members expressed today and I will be very delighted to become the confederation’s next President. I believe Mr. Piolat made a solid foundation for a new way EURATEX functions to better represent our industry. My intention is to continue this fruitful work directed in three strategic areas: trade and industrial policy, innovative industry and responsible businesses.'


Klaus Huneker has a wide international experience in the textiles industry. He made a remarkable career at Heimbach, a large technical textiles producer in Germany. Having started his path as an engineer in the petrochemical industry, in 90s he joined Heimbach where he was a CEO until his retirement. Mr. Huneke has been engaged in numerous actions aimed to advance German industry, especially been the President of the German textile employer’s association since April 2000. Klaus Huneke has also been actively involved in representation of textile and clothing industry at the European level, acting as a Board Member and Vice-President Treasurer of EURATEX.  


As an experienced industrialist, Klaus Huneke has an ambitious plan for his upcoming presidency. He believes EURATEX shall continue being a bridge between the companies of our sector and the European institutions. It is vital that European authorities, namely the European Commission and the European Parliament, take into account the specificity of our industry designing regulations and programmes affecting our sector. At the same time, EURATEX will keep informing our companies how to better benefit from the initiatives designed at the EU level. 


Euratex General Assembly as well nominated Serge Piolat (UIT, France) and Rusen Cetin (ITKIB, Turkey) as Vice-Presidents and Alberto Paccanelli (SMI, Italy) as its Vice-President Treasurer for the upcoming two-years term.


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