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According to CITH, the Textile and Clothing Information Centre, the EU textile and clothing exporters succeeded in gaining further market shares in Third countries (+3.6%). On the imports side, the EU imports picked up by +9.6% in value terms, due to sharp increases from Asian countries. On the contrary, imports from the Mediterranean area (Turkey, Egypt, Morocco, and Tunisia) achieved a modest growth or even decreased over the period. This 2015 evolution impacted the overall trade balance of the EU-28 which deficit deteriorated further in value, by + 14% (+29% for textiles and +13% for clothing).



EU T&C exports went up by 3.6% in 2015


Textiles’ sales to the U.S., EU’s top market, recorded a noticeable growth rate (+16%), thanks to a favorable exchange rate. Moreover, among the EU top 10 customers, moderate expansion was recorded by Hong Kong and China (with respectively +7% and +6%). On the contrary, exports to Russia (-27%) and Ukraine (-1%) slipped back again, as economy remains depressed in these markets. Clothing exports to its main consumers indicated a higher growth rates than for textiles. Data shows a noticeable growth in the U.S., Hong Kong, South Korea, Canada and China (with rates between +19% and +22%), which made the US the 2nd largest EU customer and China the 6th. Exports to the Saudi Arabian and Mexican markets also experienced a significant expansion (with respectively +17% and +15%). Russia and Ukraine on the other hand declined, following the political turmoil.


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