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4th EURATEX Convention devoted to sustainable innovation

The event was held on 18 November in Milan, Italy

EURATEX, the European Apparel and Textile Confederation, held its 4th Convention on 18 November in Milan in conjunction with ITMA textile technology fair. This year the event was organised together with EURATEX’ Italian member federation Sistema Moda Italia and the Italian association for the technical textiles TexClubTec. The Convention was dedicated to sustainable innovation of the European textile and fashion sector.

The event held in the venues of ITMA fair had broad international participation – there were representatives of business, research centres, industry associations and media from more than 20 countries. In his welcome word, EURATEX President Serge Piolat underlined that “to remain competitive, the European companies have to be highly innovative in their products and processes. Nowadays, sustainable production becomes an integral part of the companies’ business strategy.” More about the speakers and presentations in the press release.


An outstanding part of the event was the round table discussion among the managers of well-known European textile and clothing companies. The CEOs of the enterprises established many decades ago shared their solutions for maintaining competitive manufacturing business in the EU. These successful entrepreneurs proved by their own example that the European industry’s focus on innovative production of highly qualitative goods remains the leading factor of our sector’ success. Find insights into the discussion here.


Convention AgendaAgenda in Italian, photos 



Gregorio De Felice, Intesa SanPaolo – Global economic growth and change of consumption pattern

Guiseppe Gherzi, Gherzi Textile Organisation – Technological innovation of production processes

Paolo Canonico, European Textiles Platform – European Textile Technology Platform: bridging research and industry

Alberto Paccanelli, Italian Technology Platform – New horizons of the Italian Textile Technology Platform

Christian Wieth, Novozymes – Sustainable biochemistry for enzymatic textiles processing

Jan Laperre, Centexbel – Sustainable textile materials:  natural fibres, bio-polymers and textile recycling