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The round table organised by EURATEX during its General Assembly on 28 May 2015, became an exceptional opportunity to meet young entrepreneurs sharing their views on the challenges and opportunities for creating and running a manufacturing SME in Europe. Five fashion and textile start-up companies from UK, France, Belgium and Spain came to Brussels to present their ideas, new business models and innovative methods of production. 


The round table guests proved that there is a new generation of innovative and talented textile and fashion entrepreneurs – they have different set of mind, think ‘out of the box’ and are not afraid to experiment and overcome all challenges. 


Participating companies:

Bioserenity (France), Pierre Frouin

Fitizzy (France), Sébastien Ramel 

Nooem (Spain), Marcel Olive

Projects (Belgium), Frédéric Opsomer frederic.opsomer(at)

Teatum Jones (UK), Rob Jones & Catherine Teatum


Press Release