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On April 29, at the press conference hosted by Techtextil and Texprocess, Euratex President Serge Piolat presented an overview of the latest developments in the European textile and clothing sector with a special focus on technical textiles.  


In 2014, 173.000 EU textile and apparel companies reached a turnover of about €165 billion and generated a value added of €44 billion employing more than 1.6 million workers. Mr. Piolat noted that 2014 was a positive year for our industry that increased its production. The total textiles production grew by 2.6%, when manufacturing of non-woven raised by 4.5%, and the other technical textiles 2.1%.  


Despite the geopolitical and financial turmoil at the EU export key markets, the EU exporters succeeded to gain further market shares, particularly in the clothing industry (+4.7%). In 2014, the Extra-EU exports reached €43 billion – which is 26% of the global sales, making the EU companies the second world exporter of textile and apparel goods. The role of technical textiles is growing both in imports and exports. Technical textiles represent 37% of textile sales outside the EU-28 and reached slightly more than 30% of the imported textile products.....


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