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The Importance of the Textile and Clothing Industry, its challenges to come and the role of the Technical textiles & new processes in this industry.


Frankfurt 11th January 2013


Techtextil and Texprocess Fairs, Engines for meeting the European Textile & clothing challenges


Mr Francesco Marchi, Director General of EURATEX, was invited as guest speaker on 11th January 2013 to attend the International Press Conference on Texprocess and Techtextil fairs held in Frankfurt.


In his presentation Mr Marchi reviewed the importance of the Textile and Clothing industry, its challenges to come and the role of the Technical textiles & new processes in this industry. In his conclusions he stressed the importance of world-class fairs like Techtexil and Texprocess Fairs for this sector.

While reviewing the 2011-2012 economic situation he specified that “During the first ten months of 2012, despite a decrease in physical production, the EU industry registered good results in its exports outside the EU (+7% in €), thanks to very active clothing deliveries and very positive developments in textiles in markets like China, Russia or the United States of America” (with two-digit growth rates in value. He continued highlighting that “Those developments, in so difficult times, are the result of European textile and fashion SME’s that constantly invest in innovative products, processes, services and business models to always stay one step ahead of competition.”

He continued emphasizing that the key engine of the success is the ability of European textiles companies to propose consumer goods that are fashionable while offering additional functions and or providing flexible solutions to face our society challenges. Mr Marchi continued underlying that: “Europe leadership across the wide range of applications in fashion and industrial applications should be nurtured in order to remain reactive and innovative in a world dominated by fast changes and multi-dimensional developments.” Interestingly the role and dynamism of Europe in the 2011 world technical textiles market of worth EURO 190 billion allowed EU companies to control and preserve a leading position in a myriad of micro niches and this across the entire spectrum of markets and applications.


In his closing remarks Mr. Francesco Marchi said: “I truly believe that the combination of Texprocess and Techtextil will generate synergies for the visitors providing them a unique spectrum of products covering the entire textile value chain.” He continued underlying that both Fairs not only support the international transfer of knowledge and the exchange of information between colleagues from all over the world but also promote the interests of young people in the sector. He concluded: “Attending in June both Fairs is a must for everyone in the textile & clothing sector who wants to be fully equipped to meet the challenges of the future.”


EURATEX is one of the main supporters of the TEXPROCESS Fair - the Leading International Fair for Processing Textile and Flexible Materials which will be organised by Messe Frankfurt between the 10th and 13th June 2013 at the same time of the TECHTEXTIL, the International Trade Fair for Technical Textiles and Nonwovens.




The European Apparel and Textile Confederation (EURATEX) is the political voice of the Textile and Clothing (T&C) industry in Europe. The mission of EURATEX is to promote the competitiveness and the sustainable growth of the industrial T&C pipelines in Europe by promoting the interests of T&C industry towards European and international institutions. It coordinates the strategies to support the industry's performance with the view of strengthening the international competitiveness of the industry.

EURATEX was established in 1996 and currently its members’ covers the EU-27 and the Euromed area. As spokesman for all its member organizations’ on matters of common interest (innovation, R&D, trade, environment, education, skills, social, sustainability, etc.), EURATEX aims to foster alliances with related sectors (e.g. machinery manufacturers, chemical industry, distribution, etc.) in order to maximize synergies with them in promoting the image of a dynamic and forward-looking industry.


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