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22 March 2016

EURATEX has submitted its position in response to the ‘Consultation on a possible restriction of hazardous substances (CMR 1A and 1B) in textile articles and clothing for consumer use’ launched by the European Commission.


Our industry welcomes the authorities’ goal of further protecting consumers from exposure to hazardous substances like CMR. Based on internal assessment, we believe that the Art 68(2) is not the right mean to achieve this goal and hence invite the authorities to reconsider scope and extension of proposed application of such fast track procedure.


Three main recommendations are:

1)     to use Art. 68 only where this would be actually feasible, verifiable and enforceable, this also implies truly pursuing a level playing field, globally;

2)     where Art. 68 is used, to create an ad-hoc Industry Scientific Committee which would help the Commission to assess technical details more thoroughly than just relying on cells of spreadsheets;  

3)     to use the standard procedure (Art. 69 and following) to consider actions on most of the substances as well as considering a substance-specific approach.


Find more details in the extract here