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Euratex, as the main voice of the European Textile & Clothing industry, welcomes the TTIP negotiations and sees them as an excellent opportunity for facilitating trade to the mutual benefit of European and American companies, in particular SMEs. In a position paper published on 1st October 2014, Euratex has identified various standard-related matters that need to be tackled in the TTIP for T&C products. Among them, labelling requirements cover the care instructions, the fiber names disclosed in a garment composition label and the use of the super S scheme for the labelling of wool products. Concerning the consumer safety requirements, the European industry raise questions on children products and on flammability requirements that  apply to clothing and other textile products as home textiles and personal protective equipment.

Moreover, Euratex underlines the burdensome customs procedures T&C companies have to face when exporting to the US. Last but not least, Euratex states it is of utmost importance that the US open their public procurement. In particular, for Textile & Clothing products, the “Berry Amendment” (prohibiting  the Department of Defense to purchase products not 100% made in America) should be removed.

Position Paper