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Sustainable Businesses

EURATEX efforts address all dimensions of the sustainability with a view at boosting, supporting and rewarding the responsible and competitive European manufacturing.


The goals of the Sustainable Businesses department are:

  • Respond to the industry needs, supporting innovation to address resources and societal challenges
  • Tackle threats and size opportunities which come from consumers, legislation and business needs 
  • Promote actively the sustainable European industry and its image thereof


The department focuses its work on the following main areas: chemicals and REACH legislation, circular economy including recycling, waste and water, Energy Union and climate change, corporate responsibility, sustainable supply chains.


Sustainable Business operates closely with EURATEX Members’ staff, combining regulatory practises, projects, communication tools and new collaborations. Sustainable Business expects to deliver a stronger impact of the industry positions, concrete tools for companies and a more influential visibility of the EURATEX and Members work. 


More information will follow soon.


Contact: mauro.scalia(at)